Why Protrech?

Protrench utilizes modern and conventional trenching and infrastructure building techniques, providing clients with cost effective civil installation techniques for:

*    Fiber Optic Network Installations

*    Irrigation Systems

*    Electrical Cable Installations

*    Water Articulation Installations

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Our Clients Say

FNI Telecommunication Infrastructure, a preferred vendor of Vodacom successfully constructed and project managed various fibre optical infrastructure rollouts since 2009. The company participated as a key member of our project management teams, continously adapting to ever increasing compliance methodology as well as contributing to the development thereof. 

The company continously upheld safety, quality and production standards and has always complied with Vodacom's high standards in the above mentioned.

Andreas Uys - Vodacom

You Can Always Trust Professionals

The team uses the latest technology available and is able to complete small to large projects. The team holds the SA record for fibre optic installation of a 102km in one month.  Our resources can be utilised throughout the African sub-continent.

Various completed projects in the industry:

* A 450km project done in 7 months

* A 29km project completed in 4 weeks

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